Digitally made clothing that is 100% recyclable!

Zero Waste: Textile Heroes.

Dr Kate Goldsworthy is a leading researcher in sustainable textile design and development in the UK. Dr Kate Goldsworthy excites me. After all, I am passionate about sustainable fashion, eco wear and green living, in general. But most of all, I am a textile fetishist.

Dr Kate, (Can I call you that?), completed her PhD research on re-imagining the way we could manufacture textiles.  She created ‘Laser-Line’ a new production system for designing synthetic textiles that can be fully recycled.

One of Dr Kate’s ‘textilicious’ current projects is the:  ZERO WASTE DRESS



The Zero Waste Dress is using the ‘Laser Line’ production system together with ‘Minimal Seam Construction’ concepts (the work of her partner in this project, David Telfer).

The garment prototypes are designed to be produced in a single-step digital manufacturing process which cuts, seams and finishes the product in a flat-bed system, with zero process waste.  Indeed!

It is 100% monomaterial (‘made of one thing’) and suitable for full chemical recycling at end-of-life.

It’s still early days, but…What the Awesome!?

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Check out this video below. Does it bend your mind too?


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