A $9 computer …and a red right hand. Internet wins.

Recent winners of the internet: 

Sometimes there is a strange breeding of things and inventions of incredible goodness, released that make the internet a darling of a place. This last weekend produced these two glad-making phenomenon.


xx BelFin

1. A Nick Cave song reimagined into a Dr Suess book. Ahh thankyou.  


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imgresAnd…as of Friday, there is a new product called CHIP. It’s a $9 microcomputer, in essence that can do things like check emails, word processing, play video game and other basic tasks. It comes from Next Thing Co. & it met it’s Kickstarter goal in a matter of hours….naturally. It comes with a bunch of useful open source software, a web browser, wireless, bluetooth, a USB, micro-USB, and an audio jack and a 4GB flash storage! You can hook it up to any monitor and keyboard and bam! A computer.  For extra bucks they throw in casings and other things. Check it out and buy one here.

And now…without further ado:


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Source: Dr FaustusAU

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